Friday, January 1, 2010

Dec 2009 recap

December was a pretty blah month but here's the basic recap.

Freebies received: tampax sample and Q, febreeze Q, Staci's pita chip sample, 2 Q for free Mrs. Butterworth's syrup

Rebates: Received - SC Johnson $5, Sent - Kohl's $10, Olay Quench $11.98

# of Books Read: 9 (for a total of 110 for the year)

# of Magazines Read: 16 (for a total of 202 for the year)

Exercise: 682 minutes (11.3 hours) - very bad month

Next year I plan on keeping track of the number of books and magazines I read, the number of freebies I receive, my exercise, rebates sent and received, the amount of money I spend on my dogs per month and of course our $1200 challenge.

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