Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Goals

I fail at resolutions. . .it is just the way it is. Even calling them goals doesn't really help, but I'll try it. In order to help myself hopefully succeed, I've narrowed it down to one or two goals in each classification of goals.

Spiritual: Using the book, The One Year Chronological Bible, read the Bible this year. I've read the Bible before, but I really feel that my relationship with God is lagging the last couple of years. I'm really struggling and hope this will help.

Health: I had trouble narrowing it down to one goal in this section. 1) Do yoga/meditation at least twice a week. 2) Complete another duathlon or triathlon. 3) Take my vitamins every day.

Financial: 1) Save at least $200 from each of James' main checks and save at least 3/4 of his second job total amount earned.

Household: 1) Continue vacuuming every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (with 5 dogs in the house this is a must). 2) Help James with the dishes more in order to remove temptation from Marshmallow's counter surfing habit.

Okay, now it's out there. Hopefully I can succeed this year.

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