Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend trip to get out of town

We decided to escape town this weekend and went to visit my parents. While it was a trial driving down with 5 greyhounds in the van, it was worth it to get away. We had vacation funds saved up, so we took some of it and made a mini-vacation out of it. We visited the San Antonio zoo and just enjoyed a very windy day.

My mom is super cool and loves to try new things. When we went to the store she bought several things to try and gave a bunch to me. She also let me pilfer the gum supply and gave us a box of gum. This saved us a bunch of money. Here's what she gave us:

You are seeing a huge stack of coupons in the front. She saves the coupons packets for me!! Based on the prices of these items, my mom saved us $19.74!

We got home late and were super tired. We both got hungry at the same time and since we hadn't been to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Ramos, in almost a month we decided to go. Our meal cost $12 (I paid for the tip out of my allowance because I am a generous tipper.)

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