Thursday, December 30, 2010

End of Year Challenge Review

We decided to end our challenge two days early so that we could splurge a little for the New Year. We have already proven to ourselves that we could succeed and wanted some down time not thinking about bargains.

What we learned...we enjoy eating out and it is hard to not do that as often. Dining out is really our only vice, we don't drink alcohol, smoke anything, or party; we just like to eat at restaurants. I think reigning in the restaurant use was the hardest part about this year.

We did actually spend more thatn $1200, but that was because I added in $58.76 worth of rebates I received from different bargains. Here are our totals for the 2010 Challenge:

Total amount of money actually spent: $1219.55

Total rebates added in: $58.76

Amount left: $9.79

Amount saved: $891.27!!!!

Total value of purchases: $2110.82

I can't believe how much can be saved. We used coupons, gift cards, and sometimes people gave us items. Amazing.

It was a good challenge for the year. We are proud of ourselves for trying the challenge and it has definitely taught us some budgeting skills.

Stay tuned for a post on next year's challenge!

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