Saturday, January 16, 2010

Food for today

We ran errands in Austin today and had one splurge and took advantage of two deals. Fuddruckers and Marble Slab both sent me an "anniversary" gift for being in their online clubs for a year.

Fuddruckers sent me a coupon for a 1/3 pound burger, fries, and a drink for $7 ( a savings of $1.34). James and I split this (a savings of an additional $8.34 by splitting instead of buying two meals) and upgraded to a chocolate shake that we split.

Marble Slab sent a coupon for a "free smoothie" which for some reason we still had to pay tax on. So we paid $0.50 for a $4.99 smoothie.

The splurge was at a cupcake shop. We had seen a story about this particular store on the food network and decided to try it. We got a $2.50 cupcake called a "double dose". Yes, it was all chocolate, all rich, all expensive, and all yummy!

We also got a gallon of milk at Walmart. We used a gift card so our OOP was zero dollars, and our savings was $2.98.

It was a good day today, topped off with some grilled tuna for dinner.

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