Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Neosporin deal at Target

If you use Neosporin, Target has it on clearance. Originally priced $3.99, it is on clearance for $1.98. Pair that with a $1 MQ and your final price is $0.98. This may be a regional clearance, but it doesn't hurt to check out your local Target!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Mary is trying to get at some treats in this kong like contraption.

I changed my mind!

** I don't know what is wrong with this stupid blogger. . .it keeps deleting my extra spaces so everything seems like it is running together. I can't get it to stop doing it. So, you'll notice different size fonts in order to separate the transactions. Any ideas on how to stop this?**

** Second Update: I taught myself some html code and I think I fixed the problem. Yeah for me!**

James and I were in town picking up a few things and I decided to check out Walgreen's. The deciding factor was that the Suave 2 in 1 tear free products were included in the sale. We use that on our dogs and it usually costs $3 each. We also stopped at Walmart for a couple of things.

Transaction #1:
Nivea body wash: $6.99 on sale for $4.99 - $1 MQ = $3.99 received $5 RR

Total before sales and Q = $6.99
Total sales = $2.00
Total Q = $1
Total OOP w/ tax = 0 ($4.32 on GC)

Transaction #2:
2 - Got2B hair products: each $8.79 on sale for $4.99 ea - 2 $2MQ = $6 received $5 RR
1 - Wintergreen gum (filler): $1.29

Total before sales and Q = $18.87
Total sales = $7.60
Total Q = $9 (includes $5 RR from previous transaction)
Total OOP w/ tax = 0 ($2.46 on GC)

Transaction #3:
3 - Suave 2 in 1 Tear free products: $3 each on sale for 3/$5 - $1.75/3 MQ = $3.25 received $2 RR
1 - Wintergreen gum (filler): $1.29
1 - 3 Musketeer candy bar (needed another filler): $0.89

Total before sales and Q = $11.15
Total sales = $3.97
Total Q = $6.75 (includes $5 RR from previous transaction)
Total OOP w/ tax = $0.47 paid with change

Total for all transactions from WAGs:
Total before sales and Q = $37.01
Total sales = $13.57
Total Q = $16.75 (includes $10 RR from previous transaction)
Total OOP w/ tax = $0.47

1 Breyer's ice cream: $3.50 on sale for $2.75 - $0.75 MQ = $2
2 Brownie mixes: $1.38 on sale for $1 = $2
1 pkg hot dog buns: $1.13
1 pkg hamburger buns: $1.13
1 Colgate toothpaste: $2 on sale for $0.94 - $0.75 MQ = $0.19
1 Lady Speed Stick deodorant: $1.48 on sale for $1 - $1 MQ = FREE

Total before sales and Q = $12
Total sales = $3.05
Total Q = $2.50
Total OOP w/ tax = $2.86 ($3.61 on GC)

Good Walgreen's?

All the blogs I follow are saying that Walgreen's is having a great week with sales. I guess if you buy whatever is on sale that is true. While I might take advantage of a few deals. . .Nivea, Suave and maybe the b2go products, I might not also. The ad says that you can only use one coupon per offer. To get a good deal on the b2go products, you really have to use 2 MQ in order, and some stores may not let consumers do that. I guess I'll wait to see how others manage the deals and decide if I want to try them. I will probably take advantage of the Suave deal without waiting though.

Lately I'm really having a hard time justifying spending money just because it is a good deal. If we are not going to use it soon (we already have a huge stockpile of a lot of stuff) and can't give it away, it is not worth it to me.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good and bad in today's mail!

Bad news: I got my Home Simple coupon book but the entire middle section is missing! I literally got one coupon out of the booklet and it was on the last page. GRRRR!!!!

Good news: I got a sample of Frosted Mini-wheats from Vocal Point. It came with a BOGO Q and 5 $1 MQ.

If you want one of the $1 MQ leave my a comment with your email address!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Physician's formula deal

I decided to take advantage of the 15% of mdse and free bag at Walgreen's. I wanted to apply it to the Physician's Formula deal. I didn't do as well as I wanted since I had a migraine and was in a hurry.

Transaction #1
2 - Physician Formula lip gloss: $9.79 each on sale for 40% off, plus and additional 15% off = $9.98 - $1 MQ = $8.98 (I opened the other lip gloss before taking the picture.)
1 - Walgreen's bag: $0.99 with 20% off and free bag deal = FREE

Total before sales and Q = $20.57
Total sales = $10.59
Total Q = $1.00
Total OOP w/ tax = 0 ($9.72 on GC)

Transaction #2
1 - Physician formula concealer: $5.49 on 40% sale = $3.29

Total before sales and Q = $5.49
Total sales = $2.20
Total Q = 0
Total OOP w/ tax = 0 ($3.56 on GC)

** Total = $13.28 but will receive $10 rebate from WAGS, so for $3.28 for $26 worth of makeup.**

Monday, April 20, 2009

Attempting a menu plan for the week

We have not been doing real well when it comes to menu plans, but I'm game to try it again. I will succeed!

Monday - BBQ chicken pizza - using LO chicken and homemade BBQ sauce

Tuesday - Pink pasta

Wednesday - BBQ hamburgers in the crock pot

Thursday - James is on his own

Friday - Homemade cheese pizza

Saturday - crock pot chili hot dogs

Sunday - Grilled chicken and potatoes

Sunday, April 19, 2009

James' idea!

We went to Target today and I went to the Easter clearance section hoping to find some decorations or craft stuff on clearance. Instead I found candy at 90% off. I was going to get one of each of the things we liked, but James said since we can freeze them and the prices are so low that we should load up. I plan on baking with some of these and using them as homemade ice cream toppers this summer.

2 - Lifesaver jelly beans: $2.11 each on clearance for $0.21 each = $0.42
4 - M&M: $2.99 each on clearance for $0.29 each = $1.16
1 - Brach's jelly bean: $2.11 on clearance for $0.21 = $0.21
7 - Reese's eggs: $2.99 on clearance for $0.29 each = $2.03
6 - Milky Way bunnies: $2.99 on clearance for $0.29 each = $1.74

Total before sales = $57.16
Total sales = $51.60
Total OOP w/ tax = $6.02 ($6 from grocery budget and $0.02 wallet change)

90% savings!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Finally we are getting some much needed rain! It rained most of the day yesterday and this morning we have lightening, thunder and loads of rain!!! Yeah!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sausage & biscuits

James really likes quick things for breakfast since he has to be at work early. Periodically I try to make a variety of muffins or cinnamon rolls and we make our own pancakes and waffles to freeze. I also make him sausage and biscuits occasionally. Today I worked a breakfast catering before my normal lunch schedule. My awesome boss let me keep the leftover biscuits. That's eleven or twelve biscuits (if I would have bought these it would have cost between $1.50-3.00, depending on if I had made them from scratch or store bought them). Then I bought some pre-cooked sausage patties for $3 (this did come out of my grocery budget) from him. I know that seems pretty steep, but let's do a comparison.

I could have bought a small chub of sausage and made about 8 decent sized sausage patties. At the stores I have available to me a chub costs about $2.50-$2.75. Plus, I would have had to drive to and from the store, form the patties, cook them, make the sausage and biscuits and then clean up. The other option at the store would have been pre-cooked sausage patties, but those would have cost about $3.50 for 8. To me, $3.00 and the time it takes to assemble the sausage and biscuits is a good price for 11 frozen sausage and biscuits. This is 5 - 11 breakfasts for J depending on whether he eats one or two.

Here's the breakdown:

Option #1:
Store bought chub of sausage at a cost of $2.50: makes 8 patties at a cost of $0.30 each and I would have had three leftover biscuits. (Add in cost of gas)

Option #2:
Store bought pre-cooked sausage patties at a cost of $3.50: assume 8 patties = $0.38 a patty and I would have still had leftover biscuits. (Add in cost of gas)

Option #3:
Buy prepackaged sausage and biscuits. I don't know how much this would be because I have honestly never looked, but I'm sure they are fairly expensive. (Add in cost of gas)

Option #4: (The winner)
$3 for 11 patties = $0.27 each and I was already at work, so I didn't have to make an extra trip.

**Keep in mind these prices are based on stores I have available to me, many people have access to stores with less expensive prices.**

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maybe my best shopping trips yet!

I hit Walmart and HEB tonight since we had to get a few things for J's trip. Some of the items for J's trip did not count towards grocery budget (entertainment fund), but some I had to use as fillers.

6 - Oral-B toothbrushes: $3.47 ea = $20.82 - 6 free item MQ = FREE
1 - Deli Select Deli Creations: $2.50 - free item MQ = FREE
1 - Kashi frozen entree: $2.99 - free tiem MQ = FREE

Total before sales and Q = $26.31
Total sales = 0
Total Q = $26.31
Total OOP = ZERO

Transaction #1
1 - Over the Moon fat free Milk: $2.97 - $1 MQ = $1.97 (will receive $1.97 rebate making this free)

Total before sales and Q = $2.97
Total sales = 0
Total Q = $1
Total OOP = $1.97 (will be free, but I am going to deduct this from grocery budget)

Transaction #2
1 - Rimmel mascara: $6.47 - free MQ = FREE
1 - Vitamin water 10: normally $1.26 on sale for $1 - $1 MQ = FREE
1 - Pillsbury brownie mix: normally $1.25 on sale for $1 - $0.35 MQ = $0.65
2 - McCormick spice packs: $0.50 & $0.82 - 2 $1 MQ = $-.68 OVERAGE
1 - hot dogs: $1.06 (filler)
2 - Hall's cough drops: ea $1.18 - 2 $1 MQ = $0.36
1 - Airhead: $0.64 - $0.55 MQ = $0.09
1 - Sunchips: $0.88 - $1 MQ = $-0.12 OVERAGE
2 - Kraft salad dressings: normally $2.12 on sale for $1.58 - 2 $1.50 MQ = $0.16
1 - Deli Select Focaccia Creations: $2.50 - $1.50 MQ = $1
1 - Knox Gelatin: $1.32 - $4 MQ = $-2.68 OVERAGE

Total before sales and Q = $23.30
Total sales = $1.59
Total Q = $21.87
Total OOP with tax = $0.38 (my subtotal was -$0.16, so I paid for some of the tax with my overage) I used change from my wallet instead of my grocery budget!

So if I don't count the milk purchase towards today's total (I will deduct from budget), I paid $0.38 for $49.61 worth of items with tax!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My pity party

If you want to read a post filled with positive energy, stop reading now. I am wallowing in a massive pity party and need some way to express myself and this is all I could think of.

I want to run so badly! That was taken away by the Achilles tendinitis. I want to bike so badly! That was taken away by a dislocated rib. Rib was adjusted back in, and I spent the last week recuperating from that, which was painful. Then yesterday, I finally was feeling better in regards to the ribs and back. Short-lived feelings. Last night while walking a dog, I tripped and fell. I rolled the same ankle that has tendinitis (ouch), landed on the side of my body that had the rib damage (double ouch), and scratched up my elbow (triple ouch). I didn't sleep at all last night because my ribs/back and ankle were throbbing and uncomfortable.

When will it all stop? Logically, I know that I don't have it that bad compared to thousands of people, and that is what is compounding my feelings. I feel awful that I feel so depressed when others have it so much worse. It is difficult for me because I've kind of defined myself as an endurance athlete. . .and I can't do anything anymore. I'm hoping and praying that it gets better soon.

Monday, April 13, 2009

No Menu Plan

We have a lot going on this week, so I'm not menu planning for this week. I still have not had to make a grocery trip and am doing pretty well. I have some chicken pulled from the freezer so we'll eat on that for the next couple of days. I'll let you know how we did.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Newflower Farmer's Market

James was off yesterday so after I got off work, we took a trip into Austin. We ate at Culver's and made a stop at Newflower Farmer's Market.

4 - blackberry pkg: originally $2.50 each on sale for $0.88 = $3.52
1 - 5 pound bag of potatoes: originally $1.88 paid $1.50

Total before sales and Q = $11.88
Total sales = $6.86
Total Q = 0
Total OOP = $5.02 ($5 from grocery budget and $0.02 from pocket)


James was incredulous that I did not blog about this, so here goes. Even though fishing is not my favorite thing to do, James loves it. Because we are not going to see each other much this summer with conflicting work schedules, I've been trying to spend time with him. So, I've gone out fishing with him a couple of times. I caught one fish on my own using a fake worm. He says this is a big deal because it took him a long time to be able to catch a fish using a fake worm. I think he just says that because he wants me to go out fishing with him more. I will admit that it was fun to actually catch the fish. . .even though getting a bite took forever!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The idea behind eating for $1 a day

I've been seeing a lot lately about people trying to eat for a dollar a day. In fact the following two blogs are the people that I saw profiled on several news programs.

I know the ideas behind this kind of project vary depending on who's trying. One might try it because in many parts of the world $1 or less a day is literally what entire families have for "grocery" money. Another reason might be just to challenge the high food costs in America and to see how much one can actually purchase for $1. Perhaps people are going on the idea of social injustice and inequality and showing how lower income families are in a cycle of buying less expensive, but nutritionally unsound, foods. While I think all the reasons are good, and the results have shown some interesting tidbits, I am not going to try this idea.

Here's my logic: If James and I were to try this we would first have to decide if we each get $1 or if that is total. Let's just go on the idea of we each get $1 a day. Take that value and multiply it by 7 days a week and 4 weeks in a month. The total would be $56 a month. Last month our grocery budget was $50 and we did okay. We weren't hurting for anything. This month we are trying to go on $25 a month and living off our pantry and tiny stockpiles. Fiscally it doesn't seem worth the effort to try the $1 a day route.

Okay, and let me be totally honest. I would literally waste away to nothing and die if I had to do this diet. For anyone who knows me, I don't eat fruit, vegetables, yogurt, or oatmeal. These are the primary items that the $1 a day eaters lived off of.

I appreciate their efforts, and definitely enjoyed reading about their exploits, but I am glad they took one for the rest of us so I don't have to try it. Thoughts?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Darla's comfortable

I heard a "flop" noise behind me while surfing the web and saw Darla. She had flopped over on her back in the papasan chair! What a spoiled rotten beast.

As always, to read more about adopting a retired racing greyhound click here.

Menu for the week

Monday - Hot dogs and homemade mac & cheese

Tuesday - (James cooking) Double decker tacos and rice

Wednesday - Black bean and rice burritos (use LO rice and salsa)

Thursday - James will have to fend for himself because I have training

Friday - Baked chicken Parmesan, pasta and Parmesan muffins

Saturday - James will fend for himself

Sunday - Grilled chicken and stuffing

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Small Walgreen's Trip

Quick trip to Walgreen's today to try to get the flavor vitamins and gum.

2 - Mentos gum: on sale 2/$2 - $1 MQ - $0.55 MQ = $0.45
1 - Glade Lasting impressions: on sale for $5.99- $4 MQ = $1.99 (will get $2 rebate = FREE)
1 - One-A-Day vitamin pack = $1.49 (will get that back with rebate so FREE)

Total before sales and Q: $14.86
Total sales: $5.38
Total Q: $5.55
Total OOP: ZERO ($4.13 on GC)

Will actually receive $3.84 back on GC rebate so actual cost for today is $0.29.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

First shopping trips of April

I hit Walgreens and Walmart today for a quick trip. The Walgreen's I shop at didn't have the Mentos gum on sale, but I did find some razors on sale!

Transaction #1:
1 - Softsoap: $3.99-$1 MQ = $2.99 - received RR for another bottle of Softsoap
1 - Soleil razor: originally $5.99 on clearance for $3.19 - $2 MQ = $1.19
1 - Soleil razor cartridge refill: originally $5.99 on clearance for $3.19 - $2 MQ = $1.19

Total before sales and Q: $16.41
Total Sales: $5.60
Total Q: $5.00
Total OOP: ZERO ($5.81 applied to GC)

Transaction #2:
1 - Softsoap: $3.99 - used RR for a bottle of Softsoap = FREE (No tax)

I also went to Walmart to buy a container of storebrand frozen whipped topping for $0.74. I had been carrying around a GC from Walmart that James received for Christmas that I thought was used up. It actually had $4+ left on it. So, I didn't have to use any of my grocery budget!

Oh, I did use $4 of my grocery budget (reported at the top of the blog) for yard eggs from a friend.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Re-cap


Total before sales and Q: $318.48
Total sales: $27.28
Total Q: $147.31
Total Rebates applied for: $20.56
Total OOP: $131.28 ( I actually think this is less, but I forgot to record some of my ZERO OOP.)

Number of books read: 9

Number of magazines read: 22

Rebates applied for and/or received:
3/2/09 - Progress soup $1.50 (received 3/27/09)
3/2/09 - Hillshire Farms Deli-selects $3.00 (received 3/27/09)
3/8/09 - YoPlus Yogurt $2.08
3/9/09 - Ensure $6.99

Received 11 freebies including: 5 magazine subscriptions (Martha Stewart, Body + Soul, Remedy, Family Circle, and Women's Health), samples from Chex mix, Viva paper towels, Splenda coffee tasters, Betty Crocker Warm Delights, and All-Bran Drink mix), and through Bzz Afrin PureSea nasal cleanser

2011 Challenge = Support Local Eateries

Read about our 2011 Challenge here.