Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Plan

Hit CVS yesterday, but don't have the time to post the stuff. Here's what J and I planned for food this week.

Monday - Grilled chicken breasts and potatoes

Tuesday - Pizza (quick homemade meal after our run)

Wednesday - Sirloin steaks and skillet potatoes

Thursday - Turkey pitas

Friday - Gnocchi

Saturday - Black bean tacos

Sunday - Beef fajitas

Monday, April 11, 2011

L'Oreal Makeup Review

As a BzzAgent I recently received two free L'Oreal products to try out. I received full-size samples of Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara and the One Sweep Eye Shadow, both designed for brown eyes. I went to the L'Oreal website and read the reviews for the One Sweep Eye Shadow. I really wanted to love this product after reading all the positive reviews. The website and information provided by L'Oreal via the Bzz campaign state that the One Sweep Eye Shadow:

* Defines, colors, and highlights in one easy sweep.
* Features a one of a kind applicator designed to fit the shape of your eye.
* Coordinated shadows in natural palettes to enhance your eye color.

I loved the concept of this idea, but I did not find the statements about the application to be true. No matter how many times I tried or practiced, I could not get "one-sweep" to look good on my eyes. I found that the darkest, liner, color always ended up to look like a huge blob on my eyelid rather than an enhancement. After I used brushed to blend the colors and add extra highlighting colors, I was able to make the colors work...but it was definitely not in one sweep.

Having stated that I don't love the application process, I will state that I love the color palette. When I used brushes to apply the colors to my eyes, the results were awesome. I really felt like the colors made my eyes "pop".

Overall, I probably wouldn't purchase this product on my own without a very hefty sale, but if I could purchase it on clearance I would definitely give it a second try.

The next product I got to try was the Double Extend Eye Illuminator which the website and Bzz packets described as:

* Professionally developed to enhance and illuminate your eyes.
* Lengthens, intensifies and illuminates in two simple steps.
* Clump-free, flake and smudge resistant.
* Suitable for sensitive eyes.
* Fragrance free.

This mascara is applied in two easy steps. First the basecoat is applied and second an "illuminating" topcoat is immediately applied to the wait time necessary between the two coats. The topcoat is supposed to be infused with light-reflecting pearls to enhance your eye color.

I really like this mascara, although I question the "light-reflecting pearls" aspect of the topcoat. My lashes did seem to appear a lot longer using the basecoat (which I was extremely thankful for), but I didn't necessarily notice any "light-reflecting" aspects of the topcoat. Even though I couldn't see any appreciable results from using the topcoat, I still use it...maybe others see it?

My one problem with this product was that the length of the applicator was a little too short. I think if the length was increased I would have an easier time applying the mascara.

I would definitely purchase this mascara again and look forward to continuing to use the product.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Out of town

I've been visiting my nieces a lot lately so I haven't been baking, shopping or crafting at all. Hopefully after next weekend, I will get back to the normal routine!

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