Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why I've been away.

I haven't posted for a long time. I had some health problems for awhile that we were trying to work out and then almost three weeks ago we were evacuated from our house. We live right in the middle of the area affected by the largest wildfire in TX history. We were evacuated from our home for 10 days before we were allowed back into our area. We did not lose our home thanks to God and the wonderful first responders who worked so hard to save our house. Our home is unliveable right now due to smoke damage, but we are working on that.
This pictures is what is left of the woods to the left and behind our house.
This is from the right side of our house looking from outside our fence to behind our property. You can just see how close the fire came to our house if you look inside the fence. Where the picture was taken is all burnt.

We are extremely blessed and have been surprised and awed by the generosity of others. Even though we were not one of the 1000+ people that lost structures, we have been displaced and most people have been really supportive. The only group we have had problems with is our insurance company, State Farm. We are currently in the process of fighting them to cover more than what the adjustor allotted.

I hope to start posting again soon, but need some time to work out everything with our house. God bless!

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