Monday, January 25, 2010

HEB trip

After mulling over HEB's meal deal for a couple of days, I decided I was going to participate. We eat all of the items in the deal fairly regularly minus the sour cream. I can use the sour cream in a baked dessert so it was still worth it. The deal was to purchase two chubs of meat, we picked sirloin, and get several items for free.

2 chubs of ground sirloin: 6.38
1 box Mission taco shells at 2.09: FREE
1 HEB taco seasoning mix at 0.34: FREE
1 8 oz bag of Monterrey Jack shredded cheese at 1.69: FREE
1 can of black beans at 1.19: FREE
1 8 oz container of sour cream at 0.75: FREE
1 Yoplait Smoothie at 2.44 - free MQ: FREE

Total before sales and Q = $15.83
Total sales = $0.95
Total Q = $8.60
Total OOP = ZERO (used gift card for $6.28)

We will probably get about 6 - 7 meals out of the food above so it was a really awesome deal.

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