Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Although I've never stated it, we are on the pantry challenge that so many other bloggers are attacking. We are doing great. So far, we have only bought a gallon of milk for the month. Last week we had a bunch of great meals. We almost derailed on Friday when we were scheduled to have grilled tuna and it was a downpour outside. We had our friend over and I almost had James just pick up a pizza. Then I decided I didn't want to lose that money out of our $1200 challenge, so I used the homemade frozen pizza shells to make our own pizza. Yay for me!

Monday: Stuffed, baked hamburgers (never got to these last week) and homemade fries (NEW)

Tuesday: tortellini Alfredo and homemade wheat rolls

Wednesday: Mac-n-cheese pie with LO hamburger meat (NEW)

Thursday: Beans, rice, and sausage

Friday: Waffles and bacon

Saturday: Crockpot roast beef and potatoes

Sunday: BBQ roast sandwiches and home fries

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