Sunday, January 11, 2009

Walgreen's saving for this week.

Okay, before I post my cost, remember this is only the third time I've been a Walgreen's shopper and haven't built up a rewards card yet.

Colgate toothpaste BOGO - $2.79, used $1 and $0.75 MQ, total cost $1.04

Aquafresh - on sale for $2.99, used ESC $2 and $0.75 MQ, total cost $0.24

Fantistik and Scrubbing bubbles BOGO - $3.79 and $3.49, $3.49 for free, used 2 $1 MQ, total cost $1.79

Revlon matte eyeshadow - $4.99, total cost $0 after rebate

Revlon eyelash curler and eyeshadow BOGO - $3.49 and $5.99, $3.49 for free, used 2 $1 MQ, total cost $3.99

Garnier Shampoo - $3.49, used ESC $2 and $1 MQ, total cost $0.49

Orajel cold sore brush - $8.49, total cost $0 after rebate

Total cost without savings: $39.41
Total savings: $31.86
Total OOP: $7.55 before tax

I still have a long way to go with this game, but I'm getting better. I did this without reading any blogs before going to Walgreens. I did learn to very carefully point out each ESC to the register worker and to carefully review the receipt. I had to go back in because the register didn't automatically give me one of the cleaners free.

I also feel very strongly about only purchasing things James and I will use, and not just buying things because I can get them for next to nothing. For example, I could have bought 2 bags of Hershey's candies for $0.50 each, but we don't want to have the candy in the house.

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Amy said...

Wow! You did great! I'm beginning to do this myself and I'm not very good at it yet...

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