Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today's Walgreens Savings

South Beach Living Bars: On sale 2/$5 x 6 = $15 - $2 (online Q) x 6 = $3 OOP
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Pint: On sale 2/$6 = $6 - $3 (online Q) x 2 = $0 OOP
Total OOP: $3.00
However, there is a rebate offer at Walgreens that if you buy $15 of Kraft products you get a $5 rebate. So really I made $2 on this transaction.


~Dawn C said...

Ok tell me more... I want to buy this...

Kat said...

I went to the south beach/kraft website and downloaded 6 coupons (surprisingly there were no limits). That's how I was able to do it!

JANE4girls said...

I love the south beach with the ben and jerry's, lol

great combo

Kat said...

I learn a lot of things from your site and the South Beach thing was one of them. I just thought the selection of Ben & Jerry's was appropriate!

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