Monday, January 5, 2009

Today's shopping endeavors

I did some grocery shopping today and I did okay. Keep in mind I don't have immediate access to any stores with really good sales or stores that double or triple coupons. I am limited to an HEB, a Walmart and a Walgreens. We have a Dollar General, but I haven't shopped there. Also, note that a lot of what I bought today was for my stockpiles and not for use this week.

Inital total - $18.96
Savings (manufacturer coupons and store specials) - $9.99
Final total with tax - $9.71

* One of the items I bought was Garnier Nutrisse Conditioner. It is normally priced at $3.99, but was on sale for $2.99. Walgreens had an instant store coupon of $2.00 bringing the price to $0.99 and then I used a $1 coupon. So I got the shampoo for free!

Initial total - $35.84
Savings (coupons, sales and price-matching) - $12.61
Final total with tax - $24.18
* I can only imagine what I could do with a store that doubled coupons. Two of the items I purchased here have a 1/2 price rebate associated with them, so I will receive a check in the mail for $4.06.

HEB - AWFUL when it comes to sales, but does have some things that have a lower price than Walmart
Initial total -$28.02
Savings (coupons only) - $1.35
Final total with tax - $26.95

So my total spending for today was $60.84. Other than milk, I will probably not have to go to the store for two to three weeks unless the ads next week show a really good sale somewhere and I have coupons.

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