Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Target deals from yesterday!

I had been reading about the deals on cereal bars at Target for a couple of days. Since we had to go into Austin last night to get my shirts, we stopped at Target (plus we had to get the rawhides for the beasts). Here's how we did:

6 South Beach cereal bars: on sale for $2.33 - total $13.98 - 6/$2 internet Q= $1.98
2 Kashi soft baked cereal bars: on sale for $2.75 - total $5.50 - 2/$2 internet Q = $1.50
Juicy Juice 8 pk: on sale for $1.88 - $1 MQ = $0.88
Rawhide: NEVER ANY SALES - $11.39

Total cost before any sales or coupons: $52.40
Total sale savings: $19.65
Total coupon savings: $17.00
Total OOP + tax = $16.52

The cool thing is that if you take out the dog bones, we spent $4.36 on 9 food items. James eats the bars for breakfast and we'll use some for an upcoming trip so it was worth the expense. We could have saved more by not buying the rawhides, but I refuse to change my beasts' habits. Mary has had a rawhide everyday for almost 8 years, and I love my baby too much to take away her treats.

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