Sunday, January 11, 2009

If you live in TX!

If you read this blog and live in Texas, you might be able to watch me on TV next week! Check out the PBS website and look up the viewing times for the Texas Parks and Wildlife show. The show you are looking for should have a segment on Buescher State Park. A couple of months ago, I was filmed with several other bikers for a segment on this show. We filmed in Buescher State Park. I am not 100% sure that this is the right episode, but there is a chance it is. I'll be the chick with the white helmet and I think I was wearing a pink bike shirt. I am also the only one that rode my bike with the camera attached to the bike. It was a little difficult! This might be my one shot at stardom, so I hope it goes well! If it is not the right episode, at least you will get to learn a little more about the wonderful Buescher State Park.

1 comment:

JANE4girls said...

how exciting. we love camping there..but learned the hard way (or at least a kid did) not to ride bikes unless you are very skilled, lol.

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