Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mountain biking at Pedernales State Park

We decided to go mountain biking at Pedernales State Park today. This was the start of the Wolf Mountain Trail. It was pretty easy except there were a few rocky parts.
This is one of those rocky parts where we both had to get off the bikes and actually hike up the hill. Neither one of us has the skills to bike up that steep a rocky hill yet.

James had a little spill on one of the rocky parts. He was okay. He took another picture right after thise one where he was grinning ear to ear!

That water was so cold. It actually felt good on my ankle though as this was towars the end of the bike. We were on our way back from riding the trail across the water (we had already crossed once). It felt so good on my ankle that I started walking around in the water. Thankfully, James had brought two extra pairs of shoes, so I had something dry to change into.

We wanted to go to the Salt Lick BBQ joint in Driftwood after bike riding, but there was an hour and half wait at 3:30 in the afternoon. We used the GPS unit and found this place called the Nutty Brown Cafe. It was okay. Food was alright, but a little expensive. We will probably never make the effort to go there again.

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