Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chicken lo mein

I made chicken lo mein for dinner and it had good flavor! I pulled out a portion for me and then added broccoli in the rest for James. We had enough of the chicken and sauce leftover (we ate all the noodles) so I cooked up some rice. He'll eat rice mixed with the chicken and sauce for lunch for the next two days.
I decided to have a dessert, at the last minute and decided on cupcakes. Since it was last minute, I used a box cake mix which I rarely use for cakes/cupcakes...I mostly use the mixes to make cookie bars. I realized that the mix was going to make 24 cupcakes and I only had one pan so I made a single layer cake also. I'll freeze the unfrosted cupcakes and we'll eat on the cake. I had half a tub of chocolate frosting LO from something so I melted it down and "frosted" the cake. It's not the greatest, but it'll do for a sweet fix.
I need to work on this week's menu so I can post it tomorrow, but it'll be late since I'm mountain biking!

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