Thursday, February 4, 2010

More money out

** James decided he needed another splurge, not just a change in meals. He wanted to have guacamole so off to the store we went again. 2 Hass avocados = $1 OOP. **

I decided to change my menu plan because of the Super Bowl. I had originally planned for spaghetti, not realizing it was game day. I know James likes "bad" foods for special events. So, I am going to have frito pie with homemade chili. That meant I had to go get some corn chips. I have to admit that there are a few things that I do not like the generic brand version and corn chips is one of those. Thus I paid $1.98 for a bag of Fritos corn chips. I'm hoping we'll have enough left to make some frito candy!


JAMES said...

In my defense, She told me I could have a game day splurge. I could have splurged a lot more but someone would only allow 2 tiny avacados.

Kat said...

Those two tiny avocados will give you enough guacamole! At least I let you have a splurge instead of feeding you spaghetti!

Kat said...
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