Sunday, February 7, 2010

FREE cookies!

I have had my eye on an old recipe of mine for Oreo muffins, but man those things are so expensive. Walgreen's came through for me this week. I had some other non-food items to purchase there and received a $3 RR plus the 4 oz boxes of Nabisco cookies are on sale for $0.99. Normally these are about $1.83, but with the sale, some MQ and the RR, I was able to "purchase" six boxes for FREE!

6 boxes of Nabisco cookies on sale for $0.99 each - 3 $1/2 MQ and $3 RR = -$0.06!!!

I bought a paper on the same transaction so the paper only cost me $1.94 instead of the $2. What a great day! I love the thrill of a good deal!

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