Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today's trip

I've been feeling not motivated and bored lately. I hate feeling bored so James and I decided to do something different today. We went on a tiny road trip and visited the Austin Zoo. We had an awesome time at this delightful little zoo. The brochure stated that 90% of the animals were rescues of some sort, either from other zoos, circuses, the wild, captured by TX parks and wildlife officials, or as former pets. Many of the plaques told the stories of the animals in the pens.

I have no idea why I can never seem to take a serious picture. The zoo has a little train that families can ride and children had to be a certain height. We did not take the train.

There were tons of peacocks roaming the zoo. They were all brightly colored (well the males were) and not people shy at all.

Our favorite part of the zoo were the tigers. Neither one of us had ever seen "active" tigers, or for that matter any animals other than monkeys and birds, in a zoo. Today the three tigers were actually playing together! It was so much fun to watch. They took turns stalking each other and jumping into and out of the pool. Gorgeous animals.

When I walked up to this bird, it was like it wanted to get it's picture taken.

After the zoo we did a little Christmas shopping and then James suggested eating lunch at a restaurant we had put on our "list" of places to try. (Yes we actually have a list. . .I'm type A remember.) We ate at Tarka Indian Kitchen. James had the Lamb Mirch Masala at a medium spice level (you get to choose your spice level). He really enjoyed the blend of flavors. For $8.25 he recieved a generous portion of the masala curry and a huge serving of basmati rice. I tried the Chicken Curry Tarka "Naaninis" for $7 which came with a side of marsala fries. Basically it was curry in a naan bread. Mine was good, but not what I was thinking it would be. I was expecting a tomato based marsala curry and instead got a cilantro based curry. Plus although it was not stated on any of the menus, there were vegetables in the wrap (cabbage, tomoatoes and onions). After I picked off the vegetables it was pretty good. The fries were awesome!!! Next time we go, I think I am going to try the Chicken pakoras or the tarka aloo.
** As a disclaimer, I was not paid to endorse either of these places. I am just stating my opinion of our visit to each facility. **

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