Saturday, March 7, 2009

A new shopping market

We made a trip into Austin today to check out a new store called Newflower Farmers Market. It is in an old Hobby Lobby building on Manchaca Rd. The store specializes in fresh produce and organic products. If you buy only things on sale you can get really good deals. Peace granola is my favorite brand of granola, but it is outrageously expensive. They had it on sale at the store today!!!

Grapes - on sale = $1.83
Squash - on sale = $0.91
2 Peace cereal boxes on sale for 2/$5 (normally one box is $5)
Oranges - on sale = $0.58 - for anyone who knows me, this is a huge treat for James since even the smell of oranges makes me nauseous.

Total before sales = 17.97
Total sales = $9.34
Total OOP = $8.63

As usual we spent too much when we went to Austin. James is going to start fishing with a friend of mine and decided it was a great time to mention that apparently all of his fishing poles are broke and that he has no supplies. He spent $45.12 at Academy. I will give him credit for good luck though since the rod he found that he really liked turned out to be on clearance.

Then I decided I needed some Culver's frozen custard and James didn't want me to feel guilty about eating some by myself. . .there goes $5.50. Finally a stop at CostCo for some weed and feed, peanut butter, chocolate chips and a pizza (I knew we would not want to cook tonight) left us another $75.19 lighter. Good thing we don't go into Austin very often!

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