Friday, March 6, 2009

Grocery trip

Because I had some internet coupons to use we went to Walmart instead of my preferred HEB. There is a lot of processed food in this trip because I had coupons making the items free or I had very high value coupons that made things close to free. Normally I don't get this much processed stuff, but we already had all the basics at the house, and we just needed to fill in some stuff.

Total before coupons: $70.21
Total coupons: $35.37
OOP with tax: $35.30 (Will get a $2.08 rebate back for yogurt.)

I was most excited about the Chex Mix which is absolutely my little guilty pleasure. It was on sale for $1.48, down from $1.98. Then I had a Q for $0.50, bringing the cost of each bag down to a little less than a dollar!

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