Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Having a bad moment.

I am really frustrated today and feeling pretty bummed. I feel like I scrimp and save and do everything I can to save money, and then I get hit with big expenses. It's like I save a little up and then get pounded with some kind of expense. I know others go through this, but I'm feeling a little selfish right now.

I am getting a MRI tomorrow. Big deal right? The problem is that since I don't have insurance (as it would cost us almost $750 a month for James and I through his work and I am uninsurable for any decent cost through independent companies) it is going to cost us $800. This does not include the cost of having the MRI read by a radiologist. If it comes back showing tendon or cartilage damage, then we have to decide what to do with the information.



Jamie said...

I'm sorry you're having to go through this right now. I agree, it does suck when it feels like you've sacrificed so much to save for what you have and then have something unexpected come up. That's why emergency funds are so important. While it may take some time to build your savings back up, eventually YOU WILL.

If it were me, I would find out if there is some kind of discount for paying everything in cash/on time (i know our hospital offers a 10% discount when bills are paid within 30days of them billing.) It also pays to shop around for medical services. Not all physicians, hospitals, pharamacies charge the same. Be sure to get the costs up front, as the medical field is notrious for charging patients for services that were never received.

Have you looked into any High Deductible- Health Savings Insurance Plans? Usually the monthly premiums for these plans are much lower than a traditional health insurance plan.

I hope you start feeling better soon and that your MRI reveals nothing serious!


Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. -Matthew 6:34

Kat said...

Thanks. We have a pretty substantial emergency fund, I'm just frustrated about having to spend money on the MRI. We did shop around a little and got a discount for paying the MRI off in full with cash.

I've looked into insurance all over the place. I can find some places that will insure me but they won't cover anything hormonal because I was diagnosed with subclinical thyroiditis as a precursor to hyperthyroid. Even though I required NO MEDICAL CARE to resolve the issue ( a lot of prayer, yoga and other destressers solved the issue)the insurance carriers will not cover anything to do with my endocrine system.

I'll get through it. It helps finding messages of hope and help like yours. Thanks.

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