Sunday, March 29, 2009

Experimental month

I've recently been trying different things to save money, from lowering my budget drastically to looking for free things. This month James and I decided to try something different. We know I can feed the family comfortably for $80 a month with extra money left over. However, we've noticed that we buy the things we like to eat the most often, but our pantry and freezer still have food left in them. This month our plan is to use our "pantry" and freezer more for our meals. As such, our grocery budget for the month of April (which we are starting this week) is only $25 + the $4.50 in rebate money I received on Friday for a total of $29.50.

Our plan is to only use the grocery budget money for things like eggs, milk, and baking supplies for the rolls and breads that I make.

Keep in mind we have a separate budget for my dogs in case they need food, which they will. We go through about 105 pounds of food in 2.5-3 weeks. Plus they also get a variety to treats which we may need to replace.

We also have a separate CostCo fund which we put $40 a month into and can only use that money. If we don't have enough in that fund, we can't make purchases at CostCo. I don't think we'll end up needing anything from this store this month.

Wish me luck!

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