Sunday, March 29, 2009

Inks Lake State Park visit

We decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Inks Lake State Park to go hiking. I think James wanted to check out the lake and it's fishing possibilities. We took Mary and our foster dog, Hobo, with us.

James, Mary and Hobo underneath the park sign. The beasts were looking at cars and people in the parking lot over to the side.

Me and the beasts at the start of the Pecan trail at the park. The trail was actually a lot more rocky and hilly than we thought it would be, but we still enjoyed it. I think we can hike anything after spending time at Big Bend.

The obligatory face shot of the two of us. This is usually the only way we can get a picture of the two of us since we are the only people ever around on our trips.

Hobo decided he wanted to walk in the water to get to some coots that were about 15 yards out. Mary is trying to drink algae infested water.

James demonstrating his rock climbing (or rock climbing "posing") skills.
We had a good time and are considering going back to camp. We'll have to do that without beasts though. There is something called the Devil's Sinkhole there. Apparently it is a deep spot in the lake surrounded by some cliffs that can be jumped off of. You know I will be trying that if we ever camp there! I might be able to talk James in to trying it, but I'm not going to count on it!

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