Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back from another marathon trip to KY

I went with my mom on another marathon trip to KY. My aunt is moving to Hawaii and she needed some help cleaning. My mom also wanted to pick up some mementos that my aunt had from my grandparents. I was lucky enough to have my aunt save a bunch of stuff for me also. She saved a bunch of baking pans and paper products. I will also not have to buy any cleaning products in the near future! She was just going to through away all the cleaning stuff, so I said I would take it. I'm most happy about a Swifter wetjet setup and back up supplies. I haven't been able to talk myself into spending the money to purchase one. I still have to go through all the paper stuff, but my mom and I took care of everything else yesterday. Now I need a day of rest (well, other than the time I spend at work today) and then I'll get back in the groove of things.

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