Sunday, February 1, 2009

Brazos Bend State Park

James decided that he wanted to go to Brazos Bend State Park yesterday. When I say decided, I mean he sprung it on me at 8 in the morning. We loaded up Kramer and Mary and made the 2 hour drive down there. It is an awesome park. Because the beasts were with us we didn't get do experience as many of the trails as we would have liked, but the babies had great time.

The alligator on the left is actually very large! It looked like it had just eaten a deer. We later saw another huge one, but my camera battery ran out of juice on this picture. BTW, I had never seen an alligator in a natural habitat until yesterday. It's awesome!

Me and a huge oak tree!

There are definitely alligators there. Doesn't James look rustic?

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