Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Bend National Park Trip Feb 2009 Day 3

Day 3 brought us to Terlingua, TX. We went on a raft trip down the Rio Grande.

This picture was taken at sunset from the Terlingua ghost town. Apparently this was an old mercury mining town, but when they quit mining, everyone left. Now there are houses with people living in them interspersed with the deserted remnants.

We took the raft trip through the Big Bend River Tours company. We had an awesome experience with this company, specifically with our guide pictured above. Yvette was a terrific person and guide. She was so friendly and knowledgeable. She made us laugh so many times. The water on the Rio Grande is really shallow right now, so Yvette ended up rowing (sorry if I'm not using the right terminology) the entire trip. We got to eat on the Mexico side of the river for lunch and it was very pleasant. This trip also served as a training trip for several people learning to be tour guides for spring break. Although I might have the spellings of their names wrong, Kelsey, Sarah, Tara, Chuck, and Ryan were very friendly and fun throughout the course of the trip.

This is the view of one of the canyons we went through during the course of the day. So tranquil. Through out the day we saw Aoudads which are bighorn sheep at the top of the mountains. We had also seen a little herd of them crossing the road earlier in the day.

The tanker pictured above ran off the road which was more than 100 feet above the wreck. The road is very steep (downhill) and curvy. Because of the terrain, it was impossible to remove the wreck so it has just stayed there for years. We also saw the wreckage of a car that had also driven off the road and a cross marking where a woman during a bike ride lost her brakes and went off the road.Add Image

At the end of the trip, after loading up the rafts, we took a picture with Yvette. I would definitely use this company again for another trip and will absolutely request Yvette as our guide.

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