Friday, February 27, 2009

Pictures of the foster dogs we're babysitting

As previously mentioned, we are babysitting some foster dogs while their actual foster dad is on vacation. I would like to introduce you to two wonderful greyhounds!

Nell is a wonderful lady whom I don't know much about. She is a saluki/greyhound mix and is a little older. She has wonderful spunk and is very inquisitive. Nell has cancer, and unfortunately may be considered unadoptable. She has tumors on several places on her body. Despite this, she goes through her day pain free and is a generally happy dog whom I am enjoying having in the house.

Account has got to be the happiest dog I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She always wants attention and is right next to you the minute you stand up. Her tail is wagging all the time. . .it's almost like it has it's own battery pack! For this picture, she was originally laying down on some pillows, and I said her name to get her attention. The next thing I know she is at my feet "woo-woo-ing" (a cute vocalization) and flopping from standing to sitting to laying down. What a love bug!
If you are interested in adopting these girls, or just curious about adopting a retired racing greyhound please check out Greyhound Pets of America Central Texas. There are many more rescue groups, this is just the particular group we volunteer with.

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