Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Bend National Park Trip Feb 2009 Day 1

James has been trying to get me to go to the Big Bend for a long time and since I am pretty free to do whatever at this point in my life, I finally agreed. It was an awesome trip. I took a ton of pictures, but am having to pick only a select few to post.

Day one was mostly spent in the car for a very long time!

This is when we first got to the park. Isn't it just beautiful in the background.

This is me trying to get a bear-proof trashcan open. They had these and bear-proof boxes all over the park. We never saw a bear, but it was fun looking for one the whole time.

This is the view of Casa Grande (the mountain) which was one of the mountains surrounding the basin our lodge was in. We stayed at the Chisos Mountain Lodge in the Chisos basin. It was an okay hotel, if a little sparsely furnished. The cool thing was that it was ranked as an eco-friendly hotel. We couldn't hike up Casa Grande because they had it closed for peregrine falcon breeding.

This was the view from our first hike at the basin. On day one we used the rest of daylight to hike the Window Trail. Going out was all downhill and coming back was all uphill. This is called the window because you can see the desert basin from there.

I taught myself how to work the timer on my camera to take this picture of us. We played around here for awhile and then hiked back to the lodge. That evening we went to an interpretive program put on by one of the volunteers. The program was on vegetative changes from the start of the national park (when it first became a park) to current time. It was amazing how some areas had changed so much and others hadn't changed at all.
The Big Bend National park had several interpretive programs every day while we were there.

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