Friday, February 27, 2009

BZZ report for Chili's Guiltless Gourmet Menu

As part of the Bzz program, I received 4 coupons for a free entree from the Guiltless Gourmet menu at Chili's restaurant. Check out this link to see a description of the Guiltless Gourmet menu and nutritional info. I scheduled a meal out for tonight so we took advantage of two of the coupons. We each got something different.

James got the GUILTLESS CARNE ASADA STEAK. On the Chili's website menu it is described as "Sirloin steak with our signature carne asada rub, flame-grilled and topped with house-made pico de gallo and a lime wedge." James said the steak was very good although small (it's guiltless gourmet James!). He also liked the steamed veggies (seemed like it was mostly broccoli) that came with it. His only complaint was that there was no rice or other kind of vegetable offered with the meal. He said that at a cost of almost $13 he didn't feel like the meal was worth the price tag, regardless of the taste.

I had the GUILTLESS CHICKEN PLATTER. That is code for a grilled piece of chicken on a bed of rice served with a side of steamed vegetables. My meal was good. The chicken was cooked just right. It kind of tasted like it was dipped in soy sauce or teriyaki sauce. I had to ask for some barbeque sauce just to give it a little more flavor. The rice was pretty good, but it had these weird chunks of celery or something like that in it. I just picked those and the carrot bits out and ate it. James at my steamed veggies. I would say that for around $8.59 this meal is okay for a restaurant meal. I would probably order this again.

After those relatively healthy meals, I decided James and I needed to split a white chocolate molten cake and it was awesome!

One weird thing was that the manager came over and asked me where I got the coupons from. He wasn't suggesting they were fake, he was just curious because corporate HQ had sent out an email notifiying the franchises to be on the look out for the coupons. I explained the Bzz program to him and he seemed intrigued. I should have given him my blog URL!!! As soon as he left, I told James that the manager would check back with us to ask how the food tasted. Sure enough, right when we finished the entrees there he was!

If you have questions about our experience, leave me a comment!

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