Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cool thing

This morning the weirdest/coolest thing happened to James and I. We had to stop in our driveway to wait for the school bus to pass. The bus driver was waving at us which is normal. The bus stopped right in front of our driveway and ALL of the kids in the bus ran to the side facing us. It was so comical! While the bus was loading up, we walked around the front. When we got to the other side the bus driver yelled, "Thank you for rescuing greyhounds!" Followed very shortly by every kid in the bus yelling "Thank you!". Some things in life happen that just make you feel really good.

1 comment:

dad said...

Neat about the bus, never happened to us before. Glad Fancy was a hit, didn't expect any less. I like your Thanksgiving items, you crafty little bugger.


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