Saturday, June 26, 2010

meat clearance and more free tomatoes

James went over to the neighbor's house again since they are still gone. We got about $15 worth of tomatoes for free (based on prices at the store today). I am thankful that our neighbors let us pick their tomatoes while they are on vacation. James is going to make some canned salsa today with our free goods. We hit the store for some canning supplies, and ended up with some more goodies.

We got several packages of meat on clearance today. James doesn't complain but I know he misses eating other types of beef. Because beef is expensive, I cut out a lot of it when we started our $1200 challenge. Thank goodness we just happened to be at the store today at the right time.

Total before sales and Q: $36.20
Total sales: $8.79
Total Q: $2.96
Total OOP: $24.45

** We also went to a local donut shop for breakfast. OOP = $5.65.**

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