Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bought more than I planned

I made a quick run to the dreaded Walmart today to pick up a few items. The Red Baron Pizza by the slice has a rebate associated with it. It was on sale for $2.96 - $1 MQ = $1.96 for two pieces of pizza and I'll get the entire $2.96 back with the rebate! Found the brownies on sale from $1.34 to $0.75 each. I like to have these on hand for quick chocolate cravings. The cashier actually scanned my free cracker with cookie purchase Q twice, which I just noticed, so my saving for that meant that I got the crackers and cookies for $0.70. Good trip overall.

The tomatoes are from the garden of my neighbor. He's on vacation and he told us we could pick the tomatoes. The plastic bag has some fresh oregano that my boss at the restaurant gave me. I'll probably put some in tonight's turkey burgers. Total savings here = $2.

Total before sales and Q = $13.32 Total sales = $2.20
Total Q = $6.36
Total OOP = $4.76

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