Monday, May 17, 2010

Dinner out and a CostCo trip

We enjoyed dinner out tonight. James picked an Italian place that we had never visited, but that had received good reviews. The restaurant is called Mangieri's Pizza Cafe. I had a small cheese pizza which was large enough that I only ate half and will eat the other half for breakfast. James had lasanga. He said his was good but it would have been better with some Italian sausage or hamburger. Dinner cost us $17.00.

After dinner we went to a locally owned ice cream store called Austin Scoops. The ice cream was good, but nothing special. Also since they use hormone-free cream and buy items locally, they are a little more expensive than other ice cream stores. Ice cream at Scoops was $8.98.

We made a quick trip to CostCo after eating. We really needed Parmesan cheese and are particular about what we use. We like the CostCo brand even though it is expensive. The container will last us a for awhile. Since they were on sale we also picked up a pizza and some ravioli. Big surprise - I don't make my own ravioli.

Total OOP = $27.27
Total Saved = $5.50

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