Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sept Rehash and October challenge

We did okay in September. We ate out a little too much, but not bad. We were successful in our endeavor to not purchase processed foods at the grocery store.

Grocery budget: Started with $80, spent $58.59 which left us with an additional $21.41 for October.

Books read: 7 (James would like to add that he actually read 2 books this month!!)

Magazines read: 14

Freebies received: 18 (numerous free birthday Qs and a ton of samples)

Exercise: 789 min of exercise in various forms. This is not so good for me but I'll get better.

We were trying to figure out what to do for our October challenge. We like to try to do something new in regards to food or budget every month. September's challenge was to not purchase processed foods. One month we only allotted $25 for groceries for the whole month. James came up with the challenge for October. We are going to try to not eat out at any national chain restaurants. No Red Robin, Taco Bell, Culver's, Chili's, Carino's, etc. We can eat at local chains but they can only be based in the central TX region. The exception to this is that we are allowed to eat ICE CREAM from any store since it doesn't qualify as a meal!!!!

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