Thursday, April 9, 2009

The idea behind eating for $1 a day

I've been seeing a lot lately about people trying to eat for a dollar a day. In fact the following two blogs are the people that I saw profiled on several news programs.

I know the ideas behind this kind of project vary depending on who's trying. One might try it because in many parts of the world $1 or less a day is literally what entire families have for "grocery" money. Another reason might be just to challenge the high food costs in America and to see how much one can actually purchase for $1. Perhaps people are going on the idea of social injustice and inequality and showing how lower income families are in a cycle of buying less expensive, but nutritionally unsound, foods. While I think all the reasons are good, and the results have shown some interesting tidbits, I am not going to try this idea.

Here's my logic: If James and I were to try this we would first have to decide if we each get $1 or if that is total. Let's just go on the idea of we each get $1 a day. Take that value and multiply it by 7 days a week and 4 weeks in a month. The total would be $56 a month. Last month our grocery budget was $50 and we did okay. We weren't hurting for anything. This month we are trying to go on $25 a month and living off our pantry and tiny stockpiles. Fiscally it doesn't seem worth the effort to try the $1 a day route.

Okay, and let me be totally honest. I would literally waste away to nothing and die if I had to do this diet. For anyone who knows me, I don't eat fruit, vegetables, yogurt, or oatmeal. These are the primary items that the $1 a day eaters lived off of.

I appreciate their efforts, and definitely enjoyed reading about their exploits, but I am glad they took one for the rest of us so I don't have to try it. Thoughts?

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