Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Walgreen's?

All the blogs I follow are saying that Walgreen's is having a great week with sales. I guess if you buy whatever is on sale that is true. While I might take advantage of a few deals. . .Nivea, Suave and maybe the b2go products, I might not also. The ad says that you can only use one coupon per offer. To get a good deal on the b2go products, you really have to use 2 MQ in order, and some stores may not let consumers do that. I guess I'll wait to see how others manage the deals and decide if I want to try them. I will probably take advantage of the Suave deal without waiting though.

Lately I'm really having a hard time justifying spending money just because it is a good deal. If we are not going to use it soon (we already have a huge stockpile of a lot of stuff) and can't give it away, it is not worth it to me.

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