Monday, October 20, 2008

Here are some of the crafts I made for Halloween. The place mats and napkins are made out of skeleton fabric. This was my first attempt at place mats and napkins. I am still in the learning process for sewing. Then I used black pompoms of two different sizes, black pipe cleaners, and little eyeballs to make spider napkin ring holders. The spiders are from a bead package I picked up at Hobby Lobby (HL). They actually glow in the dark. The candle holder idea is from Family Fun magazine. I covered a glass candle holder with scraps of black construction paper that I had cut two holes out of. Then I used glitter mod podge to affix the scraps in a random order. When that was dry I used black paint to paint eyeballs in different styles.

The frames are from a prepackaged Halloween set that I bought somewhere. I attached magnets to the back of the frames. My wonderful husband actually made one of the frames. Inside the frames are pictures of my beautiful beasts!


Christopher said...

Hey Kat!
This really looks great! I've always wanted to do this, but have never figured out how to go about it. Looks good!

You halloween crafts are cute. I especially like your little frames. Take care and we will talk to you later!


Kat said...

Thanks so much! I like them too. I have plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but need to find the time to work on them!

Melody said...

Hey Kat! Thanks for getting in touch with me! I LOVE these Halloween table settings! You did a great job! I'm not doing much "Halloween" stuff, just autumn decor--altho that will probably change when the kids are a little older. :) I'll have to get back to you on the dimensions on the organizers. I promise I won't forget! Altho, if it helps, you can make them any size that fits your needs, which is what is REALLY nice about that project.


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