Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Long Run?

I'm trying really hard to switch into trail running mode from road running and biking. I have been logging about 100 miles a week on my bike lately. Plus I've been road running for a long time. In road running I've always focused on trying to run whatever distance I choose in the fastest time I possibly can. The most I've ever run is a half-marathon and that took me about 2 hours and 15 minutes. It was a pretty hilly route, but I felt really good the whole way through.

In preparation for the 25K trail run I signed up for in Bandera, TX, I went for a long run. I know some people are not going to think it was long, but I was pretty proud of myself. I ran the big loop at Bastrop State Park and some offshoots for 1 hour and 45 minutes. I walked for another 30 minutes after that. I ran almost the whole route with at least one stake in my hand (I know not the safest thing) that I forgot to pick up yesterday. I also tried to run the whole way including all the hills. I ended up walking one at the very end. I feel like I could have kept walking for another several hours and probably could have kept run/walking for awhile.

So here are the things I feel like I need to work on:
1. Obvious - be able to run for a longer amount of time comfortably
2. Get over my mentality that to stop and walk hills instead of running up them is a wimp out. I NEED to recognize that this is a method of energy conservation not quitting.
3. Hydration and nutrition before, while and after running.

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