Monday, October 4, 2010

Mini-baking day

I have been craving cinnamon rolls lately. I really like to have some quick breakfast foods on hand for James in the morning so, I decided that I would use some of my time today for a mini-baking for the freezer day. I set my game plan and started working. Took me five hours but this is what I made:

7 wheat pizza shells (not pictured because they were being baked at the time)
4 plain bagels
4 cinnamon-raisin bagels
17 cinnamon rolls (8 regular and 9 with raisins)
3 dozen chocolate chip cookies
1 dozen banana-pecan muffins (vegan)
5 Bacon, potato, and egg breakfast tacos

The muffins ended up being vegan because I ran out of eggs. I had some Ener-G egg substitute on hand so I just used those.

I think James will be happy when he comes home!

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