Sunday, October 3, 2010

Into Town

We went into the big city this morning to visit a new church. We came away from that with the knowledge that we would not be going back to that particular church. Then we went to Target to get Powerade. I had a Target Q for buy 4 get the 5th free plus I had two free powerade Coke Reward coupons. I was worried they would beep so I called the corporate number to ask if I could use all the Q at once, and they said yes. Of course, they beeped and the manager gave me problems. Basically calling me a liar, but back pedaled and started kissing my rear when I asked her if she was calling me or corporate Target a liar. She did take all three coupons, but advised me that it really shouldn't have been done and that corporate always says "yes" because they don't have to deal with customers in store. Moral of the story, no one else try's too much hassle.

Total OOP w/ tax = $1.71
Total saved = $2.57

We also decided to stop for a totally unhealthy fry fest and shared a plate at Long John Silver's. OOP = $9.94

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