Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shopping trips of the day.

I have a weakness for baked potato chips, but I never purchase them because of the expense. I am loving HEB's new ad campaigns designed to get you to buy their store brands. If you buy the name brand version, HEB gives you their version for free to compare (requires an in-store coupon.) This week I took part in three deals, including baked chips! YUMMY!

Total before sales and Q: $15.83
Total sales and Q: $8.57
Total OOP: $7.26

On my way home I decided to drop in at CVS to see if they had any of the BOGO Wisk and pick up a thing of gum. I could have made this deal even better by using my ECB, but I wanted to save those for food purchases or something that would earn my more ECB.

Total before sales and Q: $19.27
Total sales and Q: $15.29
Total OOP w/tax: $4.31 plus I received $0.99 ECB for the Dentyne

I'm glad the Wisk was in because I haven't been able to find any good deals on detergent lately. I might make another trip.

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