Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Late Birthday celebration and bacon

James' birthday was yesterday, but we were too busy to do anything. Tonight we went into town and "celebrated". James is a member of the Red Robin eClub, and he received an email for a free gourmet burger. I traded in some points on mypoints.com for a $10 Red Robin gift card a little while ago in preparation for our visit. The total OOP for our visit = ZERO. (When we set our challenge, I decided not to include tips in the budget. I like to reward good service so I pay the tip out of my allowance.) Savings = $18.38

After dinner we went to Culver's, of which James is also a member of their eClub, for his free frozen custard sundae. Total OOP = $2.59 for my custard, savings of $2.59

We also stopped by CostCo and got some bacon. We love bacon and are specific about the brands we like. Unfortunately we are willing to pay more for what we like. OOP = $11.89 for four pounds.

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