Monday, August 9, 2010

Fiesta Texas FREE visit

On our recent "vacation" to house/dog sit for my parents we visited Six Flags Fiesta Texas. James is pictured above outside Tony Hawk's Big Spin, an awesome roller coaster ride! We paid ZERO dollars for our $50-60 tickets. How did we do it? Very easy the My Coke Rewards program.

I have been collecting reward points from boxes of soda or bottle tops for over a year. The great part is that we didn't pay for more than 90% of these points. My wonderful Mom collects all her bottle tops and saves them for me. Plus I get a bunch of box codes from both of my jobs. I've "earned" over 5000 points in a year.

Six Flags tickets were 1000 points each, so a total of 2000 points for us. I just redeemed the points and printed my tickets off the computer. Sweet!!!!!

I've also redeemed points for Powerade and magazine subscriptions. It is a pretty cool program and it probably takes me fewer than 10 minutes a week to type in my codes. Not a bad trade off of my time.

**This post is my opinion. Fiesta Texas and Mycokerewards did not compensate or contact me. **

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