Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CVS trip: $59.38 value for $3.27

I had been pondering my game plan for CVS for the last couple of days and just sat down last night and finalized it. Early this morning (my favorite time to head to CVS), I executed the plan. I ran into a little problem since my CVS was out of the Purex 3-in-1 sheets, but I still think I managed to do alright.

As usual let me state that I could save a lot more at CVS, but I only purchase things we will use. I don't buy things just to get ECB. For me that's what makes this game so much fun!

Transaction 1:
1 Zegerid on sale for $9.99 (used $4 MQ and $5 ECB) - earned $7 ECB
2 Right Guard deodorants on sale for BOGO (used BOGO MQ)

Transaction 2:
1 Blink Tears on sale for $7.99 (used $1 MQ and $7 ECB from Trans 1) - earned $7.99 ECB
3 M&M products on sale for B2G1 (used $0.50 CVS Q)
2 Right Guard deodorants on sale for BOGO (used BOGO MQ)

Transaction 3:
3 Kellogg's cereals on sale for 3/$10 (used $1 MQ and used $7.99 ECB) - earned $5 ECB
1 Emerald dry roasted peanuts on sale for $1 each (used 2 $1MQ)

Total value before sales and Q = $59.38
Total sales and Q = $56.11
Total OOP = $3.27 + still have a $5 ECB (94.5% savings)

Total to be deducted for the $1200 grocery challenge = $2.28 and total saved = $16.35
Not a bad savings for 20 minutes worth of work.


Christopher said...

I am proud of you...I have been thinking abut my CVS plan all week and still haven't done it!! There are some coupons that make the deals sweet this week. My question is what is the medicine for, I am not familiar ith Zingred... or what ever it is. The eye drops looked like a good idea too and a nice 7.99 pay back, but Chris says he doesn't use them. I only use them when something gets in my eye. But I too sat down last night to think about CVS!
It is sooooo much fun to go in and get a ton for 3.00 or so! Makes me happy! My manager is somewhat of a pain and he was blah blahing the other day abut how sad it was
that people actually come in and can get stuff for literal cents. My thought was...if you were smart, you would stop complaining about it and and take some how too lessons that will save you bundles. But, oh well, that is one less person I have to deal with in my pursuit to buy it cheap! Our stores get hit so hard a lot of times they are out of everything! Anyway...I am proud! Good work there gal! ;-) Have a good day!

Love ya-

Kat said...

Zegerid is a heartburn medicine that James uses.

I haven't been able to shop CVS because we didn't have one here in town. Thankfully one finally opened up a couple of weeks ago, and I've been able to jump in.

So far (knock on wood), I haven't had any problems with clerks or managers at CVS. Just in case I carry a copy of CVS's coupon policy with me whenever I go in.

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