Saturday, March 6, 2010

Groceries and freebies

We did a little sale shopping this weekend.

Walmart: DiGiorno 200 calorie pizza FREE with MQ

HEB: Double Stuf Oreo Cakesters FREE with MQ

Whole Foods: 0.45 lb sucanat = $0.90

3 packages of Extra Lean Ground Beef on sale for 40% off (normally $3.99/lb) = total $7.96
0.14 lb Chocolate Almonds on sale for 25% off (normally $5.99/ lb) = $0.63
0.22 lb Chocolate Bridge mix 25% off (normally $4.49/lb) = $0.74

Total OOP w/tax = $9.44
Total Sales = $4.47

We also went to this new place (well, new to us) called Taco Deli. We received two coupons for a free breakfast taco from when we attended the Greyla. We saved $4.01 and had an awesome breakfast. Taco Deli does not scrimp on the food at all! Try the habanero hot sauce it was my favorite.

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