Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today's Grocery Trip

I needed to go grocery shopping for some things today. I ended up with a couple of surprises, but I'm okay with those. Not a lot of processed stuff. . .we are thinking of doing a limited "no processed food" challenge next month. There will be some exceptions and we are each working on our lists! As usual, I don't have access to any stores that actually have decent sales. I also didn't get to use a lot of coupons because the things I bought didn't match up with coupons I have.

Just the summary of expenses today:

Total before sales and Q: $61.26
Total sales: $4.27
Total Q: $8.67 (did a meal deal at HEB - thus the canned chili)
Total OOP: $52.59

This trip, in addition to what we have in our pantry, should last us about 3 weeks.

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