Monday, August 31, 2009

Kohl's trip

James and I made a quick trip to Austin on Saturday morning. We stopped at Kohl's and he found a bunch of deals on clothes. When we were leaving the store, he asked me if we should post his deals. Cute, right? The sandals are mine by the way!

Adidas sandals: $29.99 on clearance for $13.97 (I've waited for a long time to get a pair of these)
2 pairs of cargo shorts: $40 on clearance for $8 each = $16
Golf shirt (collar): $44 on clearance for $8.80
Blue shirt: $32 on clearance for $6.40
Green shirt: $32 on clearance for $3.20

Total before clearance and Kohl's cash: $217.99 (So outrageous!)
Total clearance: $169.62
Total Kohl's cash used: $20.00
Total OOP w/ tax: $30.68 (86% savings)

1 comment:

Lina said...

Great finds.!! It seems that you had a good time at Kohl's and got great deals. I like those Adidas sandals.

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