Friday, May 29, 2009

Swiffer - Yuck!

I recently bought a Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit since there was a money back rebate floating around. I had the actual Guarantee form in my hands when I purchased the product, having checked to make sure it was an item that matched the guarantee. I was completely disappointed in the product. In my opinion all it does is push around stuff on the floor instead of "collecting" it on the little swiffer pads.

Today in the mail, I received my form/UPC/receipt/envelope in the mail with a letter that reads:

"Thank you for participating in the US Swiffer Money Back Guarantee Offer. We are unable to process your request because:

Your request does not include the correct UPC(s) required for this promotion. Only the
UPC symbols from the products listed in the offer requirements are acceptable.

To allow us to process your request, please resubmit your entire corrected order along with this letter by 6/22/2009 to the following address: (address omitted by me).

We hope you make the necessary correctiuons and return your order. Thank you for your interest in the US Swiffer Money Back Guarantee Offer.

Fulfillment Center"

How on Earth am I supposed to send a UPC when it was already cut off the box. Who keeps an entire box, after they have already cut off the code and photocopied it for a rebate program?

So, now in addition to an inferior product, I don't even get my money back. I will never purchase another Swiffer product again. This just once again demonstrates my awful luck.

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